Welcome to my blog, I created this blog seven months ago and I have just been lazy to comeout with Ideas.

This blog would be my camelot and my safe haven where I share my thoughts and Ideas. I would talk about everything I love from hair to lifestyle to music to relationships and everyday life.


It would  be a very beautiful and magical place for me. I  begin my blogging journey today, I am new to all of this but I hope to learn and grow.

I cant wait to start sharing my thoughts,Ideas and general knowledge about stuff here. Once again welcome and Thanks for reading.



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10 months post relaxer

Wheeewww!!!! I am 10 months post relaxer…. It felt like I would never get here…… I feel sooo happy trust me. My mum says my hair is like “cable wire” …lol .

I have 4c hair very kinky  and dry and when relaxing I never got pass 3 months post relaxer without headaches and a very tender scalp.

I must say transitioning has been very difficult…. Especially in the first 6 months my scalp was very tender and hurt a lot

after taking down my braids. I think I was about 3months post I had started trimming my relaxed ends

I haven’t worn my hair out a lot during the period it is mostly in a ponytail or I am in braids (mostly cornrows)

My regimen so far has been simple and am broke and on a budget so I have stuck to mostly Ayurvedic  methods

1)  Prepoo with Aloe vera gel from the plant overnight or a few hours (to soothe my scalp).

2)  Wash with my DIY Black Shampoo mixture (would do a post on how I make it) it leaves my hair super soft and clean.

3)  Clay mask. Red clay mask I do this on days I do not wash with shampoo. I mix the clay with dandelion root tea and aloe vera gel.

4) Deep condition and Hot oil..I do deep condition and hot oil at the same time  with Doo Gro oil and ors olive oil hair masque  for some hours or over night depending on how I feel

5) Leave in conditioner. I do not have any special one  but For now I oil my scalp with Doo Gro oil put some aloe vera on my hair and moisturize with Dark and Lovely Amla Legend moisturizer




I plan to big chop next year and buy a few hair products to try and start taking vitamins

My wish list 

  • Bamboo tea
  • MSM powder
  • Vitamin c        
  • shea moisture JBCO conditioner
  • Wild growth hair oil
  • castor oil
  • kinky curly custard

I can wait to start my natural hair journey 🙂